Who was
Bootsie Magou?

Flapper by "day". Bootlegger by "night". Wily coyote by life in the 1920's and 30's.

All he did was mispronounce her name. "Mr. MacLardy," she said coldly, as he lay stunned at her feet, "it's pronounced 'Mah-gaow.' Not 'Muh-goo.' If you disrespect my name again, you'll suffer a fate much worse than lying on a barroom floor. "Do we understand each other Sir?"


Credit: Ksenia Parhatskaya


Credit: Ksenia Parhatskaya

when did she disappear, did they catch her?

Details of such are sketchy and rife with false narrative - only few were in the know. Bootsie disappeared during the Summer of 1932.

What did she do?

Ruffled feathers. During prohibition, Bootsie’s bourbon “rocked the cradle” of most everyone along Bootleggers Trail.

Where did she
run her operation?

Bootsie first set up shop in Indiana. She was last seen out on Long Island, New York’s Gold Coast.

Bootleggers Trail
Bootsie Magou Bourbon
Bootsie Magou Bourbon

Why is her
Bourbon so good?

Bootsie’s crew crafted a mash bill using a “whistled tune”. The song provided the secret cadence for brewing bourbon bliss.

do I get some Bootsie?

How do I
get some Bootsie?

It's in limited supply. You can reserve bottles now.

Lore has it, I’m the great-great granddaughter of Bootsie Magou. My name is Josephine (“Josie”).

After dinner one evening, my grandfather brought down an old box he had tucked away in the attic. He gathered us all with a bottle of Bourbon and said, “I have something to share with you…”

We were left with our mouths wide open with questions: Where did she go? Did he ever see her again? Why are we only finding this out now? Who was responsible for her disappearance? Where did Bootleggers Trail run? What happened to Ellee? Did my great-great Grandfather write the journal entries about Bootsie? Do any bottles of Bootsie still exist? Was Bootsie killed? Who was Bootsie’s crew? Am I related to Bootsie Magou?

Needless to say, the experience ignited a collective firestorm of curiosity amongst us all. Grandpa didn’t know it at the time, but as I was listening to him express the story, I noticed a single strand of red hair wedged neatly into the interior corner of the box. My only thought from that point forward was why was it inside the box, what did it mean, and from whose head did it belong?

I was determined to find the answers to all. Progress was slow until bestowed the gift of Bootsie luck. I found the handwritten journal of Bootsie’s soulmate – the love of her life. It was hidden in plain view.

Legend has it, we’ve continued with Bootsie’s relationships of old – now, the great-great grandchildren of her crew. The French from Canada; the Tinkerers from Iowa; the Chicago Families of Illinois; the Farmers and Tradesman of Indiana and Kentucky; the Blue Bloods of Tennessee’s Trail; the Global Network of Adventurists that roam New York and Long Island.

THE BOURBON: Crew Master Certified Bootsie Magou Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Appearance: Mature, umber brown, honey caramelized, patinaed copper
Aroma: Woody oak char, vanilla-soaked ripened berries, caramel, with a hint of herbaceous spice
Taste: Charred oak temptation glazed with caramel, ripened berry, chocolate, vanilla drizzle, roasted pecan, sprinkled spice
Finish: Warm embrace with a kiss of Bootsie
Cask: New Single-Use Charred Oak Barrels
Proof: 90 Proof
Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Year: Aged not less than 2 years
Price: $40
Availability: All States except IA, UT, AL, MI, MA, NC
Size: 17 individual 1.5oz. pours (delivered in single 750ML bottles)
Content: 45% Alcohol by Volume
Defined: Historic Classic
Location: Along Bootleggers Trail USA, Distilled in Indiana Proper

$40 – Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

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Cash may have been King, but barter may have been the Wiser. Bootleggers of the day had a problem. They had too much cash, nowhere to put it, and couldn’t figure out a way to use it in line with the law.

This introduced an unfortunate conundrum, and many who traversed Bootleggers Trail were incarcerated, and or killed, in the process of trying to figure how to move money without trouble. The task of keeping the process hidden from less sanguine bootleggers was difficult.

As was Bootsie’s nature, she had a different take on things and went about her own way of collecting her due. She would Barter.

Logic being, cash would not exchange hands for the Bourbon, but rather, just a gesture between friends “exchanging gifts”. Unbeknownst to most all, legend has it Bootsie’s barter collection filled subway cellars in the bowels of Grand Central Station New York – figure, she bartered with the station janitor to gain his silent access.

If the crew needed something and cash was of need, Bootsie would sell a piece of art or some other item she had stored away. She knew how to manage money and how to incentivize others with it appropriately. Is there something you’d like to Barter for Bootsie? – Contact us

Today, we deliver directly to the doors of our customers via authorized livery and delivery services.

At low tide, it was not possible for merchant vessels to navigate the River, they would run aground. Bootsie used this to her distribution advantage. When moored waiting out the tide, her Tinnies would approach the vessels transporting her hooch with instructions on when and where to unload. No Tinny knew the content of the envelope they delivered. It was for their own safety that Bootsie made it so.

This clandestine activity did not raise any flags under the bustling commotion of New York’s shorelines during the days of prohibition and sleuthing of spirits.

Bootsie’s crew would deliver under moonless nights to the New York speakeasies, safehouses and gold coast residences she had secured in confidence. Her Bourbon flowed freely outward from there.

Bootsie was obsessed. It was as if time slowed in her mind the moment a person touched a glass, or poured a thumb, or took a casual sip or swirl of her Bourbon. The crew noticed and in private, they lightheartedly teased her with “Did her brain also come up with her own background music to accompany the internal stare she gave imbibing customers?” There was nothing more important to Bootsie than the customer experience.

From grain to glass, and the ensuing flavor feast tastebuds reward, Bootsie’s Bourbon provided a life experience, not only a libation experience. There were 5 items Bootsie focused on when hosting a pour:

1) The environment in which her Bourbon will be poured

2) The chosen glass that her Bourbon will be settled

3) The radiant temperature that her Bourbon would be consumed

4) The culinary selection paired to compliment a nip, or two

5) The finish that would be pondered amongst friends and associates

The first question Bootsie always asked a potential “Tinny” was “Can you whistle?”. Tinnies were considered the front-line worker bees of her operation. They were the eyes and ears of Bootsie’s crew and infiltrated most all walks of life.

To become a Tinny, an oath had to be sworn. Not one for pomp and circumstance, the oath was a simple phrase, few in words, but life changing for a Tinny. Being accepted into Bootsie’s world was akin to being delt a royal flush at a high stakes table. The oath went like this:

“If it is to be it is up to ye”, followed by the downing of a single swirl of Bootsie, a one-footed 3 beat stomp on the barn’s wooden floor, concluding with the Crew’s whistled rendition of a song titled “Ain’t Misbehavin” as a toast and welcome into the family. I believe the song’s title also communicated an unspoken message to the Tinny – don’t misbehave.

Tinnies understood the importance of a whistle. At times, their lives counted on it along Bootleggers Trail.

Notice: “Tinny” Positions Available at Bootsie Magou Contact us

Bartenders: Must be familiar with the enchantment of a Bourbon’s kiss

Distributors: All States except IA, UT, AL, MI, MA, NC

Retailers: Local Intimate Establishments

Previous releases have been sold out and or tucked away in private places. Contact us if interested in being notified of bottles we may happen to locate for Barter. What are you willing to trade?

The Bootsie Fund. Assistance for Necessities, Emergencies and Opportunities. (NEO)

It was the song Grandpa whistled. It became a tradition during get-togethers with friends and family. None of us had any idea it was the whistle of Bootsie Magou until Gramps showed us the box from the attic. Grandma told him, before she died, to make sure we knew it and never ever forgot it. Grandpa succeeded. Listen